This Guy’s Vocal Cover Of Evanescence’s ‘Save Me’ Is Not What You’d Expect


By far the funniest the thing on the internet.

The world of YouTube vocal covers is unparalleled for its propensity for hilarity, as people who think they’re absolutely awesome at singing post videos of themselves that prove the complete opposite. It’s great.

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This vocal cover by a guy named Jon Sudano is unlike anything I’ve ever seen before though. It’s for the ‘classic’ song ‘Save Me’ By Evanescence and will absolutely blow your mind and have you in stitches – it’s already had about 8 million views in one day if you don’t believe me:

Wow. If you didn’t find that absolutely hilarious then you must never have heard the Evanescence song or ‘All Star’ by Smashmouth. My favourite part is definitely the end though where he switches back into the Evanescence song without any warning. Absolute jokes.

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