This Guy Had A Complete Meltdown After Getting Rejected By His One Night Stand



I’m sure we’ve all been pissed off when a girl or guy that we really like just started blanking us for no reason, but you’ve really just gotta suck it up and move onto the next one – you shouldn’t break into their house and pee all over their bed and steal their sex toys if that happens to you. It’s a bit of an overreaction.

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That’s exactly the way 32-year-old Gareth Quinn acted though after a woman he met on the internet failed to call him back after their night of passion together. He’s now been jailed for three years following his harassment campaign.

It began when Quinn started relentlessly calling her and harassing her, even to the point where he listed her mobile phone number on adult websites. Then one night he broke into her house and peed on her bed, as well as stealing a bunch of items including two tablets, two sex toys, a bottle of alcohol and a credit card. He also pissed all over a suit that was laid out on the bed. The woman’s 17-year-old daughter was asleep in the house at the time too but failed to be disturbed fortunately – who knows what might have happened if she had.

Following the robbery, Quinn then started texting the woman pictures of the stolen goods, saying “Are these yours? I’ve been in your yard. I’d not go in, your bed’s full of piss ha, ha.” Subtle. He was arrested shortly after, and was bailed on the condition that he didn’t contact the defendant, but he immediately sent her a bunch of intimidating messages from the same number. What an absolute dolt.


Quinn admitted the offences but claimed he had an alcohol abuse problem. Judge James Spencer QC was having none of it though, saying the following to him:

This offence of burglary was not only dishonest, it was wicked because you targeted that woman, wicked because of what you did in the house, wicked because of what you did in taunting her after.

Not content with that, after your arrest and release on bail you then proceeded to intimidate her. I have no sympathy for you at all.

Tell it like it is pal. I’ve gotta agree really because this guy sounds like an absolute psycho – imagine having to deal with that shit after a one night stand. Not what it’s about at all.

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