Watch This Guy Destroy £5,000 Worth Of TVs In 2 Seconds

Destroy TV

Butter fingers.

I’m pretty sure everyone has had that nightmare where they’re in an expensive store and accidentally end up tripping over and destroying everything. But for the guy in this video, it was unfortunately a cruel reality.

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The dude in question was shopping at HBH Woolacotts in St Austell, Cornwall when he walked over to check out a massive flat screen TV. The phrase butter fingers definitely applies to him, as he sets off a chain of events that ends up with four TVs totally destroyed in about two seconds.

Wait for it:

Ooof. That’s not so good and the guy looks understandably devastated, as does the shop assistant. No news on whether they made him pay for all the TVs, but I’m just hoping they had a good insurance policy on all of them. What an absolute nightmare.

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