This Guy Definitely Needs His Foot Amputated – But Isn’t Having It

Wait for the end of this video.

I’ve never really considered when my foot/leg/arm/hand/any appendage might be so completely messed up that I’ll have no other option but to amputate it, but I think if I was looking like the guy in this video I would at least go to the hospital to get it checked out.

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The guy looks as if he works in some kind of woodmill over in the United States here and has clearly had some kind of accident and can’t feel his foot anymore whatsoever. However, he doesn’t seem that bothered about it, even though it looks like a rotting piece of fish and bends almost at right angles when he puts any weight on it, but I think he might change his mind in a couple of days when it’s probably going to fall off.

Maybe don’t watch this video if you’re of a nervous disposition because it really is gross, especially the end:

Jesus Christ somebody tell that guy to go a hospital immediately. I guess he might be worried about the cost of even taking a trip there because the healthcare system is completely outrageous in America, but I think sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and not let your foot fall off. Thoughts and prayers – he’s definitely going to need them.

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