This Girl Is Going To Extremes To Pay For Her University Tuition


The sordid price of higher education.

Going to university is a massive struggle unless you’ve got rich parents. You’ll inevitably have to pay a shitload in fees, a shitload of rent and barely have any money to spend when you’re not studying, which is probably going to be most of the time if you end up doing a useless degree like I did. Oh well. There is one way to get around this though – by selling your virginity.

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Unfortunately that wasn’t an option for me by the time I ended up at university, but that’s not true of 20-year-old Ariana from Russia who is selling her virginity via an auction website with bids starting at £130,500. That might sound crass and gross to you, but when Ariana explains it she actually makes it sound like not such a bad idea:


Many students have the issue that during their studies they have to deal with multiple problems. You have to go to work in order to pay for your education.

I want to move to another country for my studies in medicine. The university will be very expensive, the rent will also be high.

I imagine that living in another country will be very hard, therefore I want to get the financial burden out of the way so I can focus on my medical studies.

I’m an independent woman and the decision to auction my virginity is my own choice.

I’ve waited so long to give my virginity to the right person, but it has never worked out.

Why should I wait any longer?

Why should I lose my virginity to someone who could then break my heart later?


Well I mean it does sound like she’s got her head screwed on really doesn’t it? Losing her virginity would probably be an absolutely awful experience because it’s generally pretty bad and there’s a 90% chance that whoever she did lose it to would go on to break her heart and be an absolute dickhead, so why not make some cash from it too?

Sounds like it’s gonna set her up for the rest of her life as a medic if it works out – although chances are whoever is going to pay that sort of money for it is going to be an absolute creep. Hope it works out for her and she ends up making the right decision regarding it.

Ariana’s best friend Lolita (errr?) is also planning on selling her virginity, so she won’t be alone in the undertaking either. It’s apparently not even that much of an uncommon thing in Russia either, with a Moscow beauty queen recently flying to Dubai to do the deed for cash. Only trouble is she went missing for a bit, and I suppose that highlights the dangers associated with this practice. Be careful.


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