This Dude Surprised His GF With Flowers Then Savagely Dumped Her

There would be no recovering from this.

There are some pretty bad breakup stories floating around the internet — you can check some of them out here.

But these are nothing compared to the cruelty inflicted onto this unsuspecting victim. Honestly, if any of you are having a bad day just read this and you’ll feel a lot better about it all.

So this absolute Romeo, Ally, recently left a bouquet of flowers outside of the house of the girl he was dating, instructing her via text to look outside because he had a “surprise” for her. You can say that again.

note 2

She replied to the text in excitement, even saying “I love you”, which shows that this must have been a little bit more than a fling and also makes what happens next so so so much worse.

While he had in fact left a lovely bunch of flowers, the note to accompany them kind of shits all over that thought.


If you can’t read it, this is what it says:

We were never meant to be, there is no way you would ever be my forever.

You’re a bit of a cunt and I hope you find someone who can love you for it. 

Don’t try to message me because your number is blocked.

Ally x

P.S. You were a shit shag.

Ouch. Final nail in the coffin/plunge of the blade. Being called a “shit shag” and a “cunt” all in the same paragraph — there’s no coming back from that.

Something tells me there is more to this story — I mean only a true sociopath could cut things off in such a cold-hearted manner. I reckon this girl genuinely was a bit of a cunt — maybe she cheated or she was a complete psycho or something.

Anyway, my suspicions might be right as Ally’s mate, Georgie Hampshire (gigi), who posted the whole thing on twitter, replied to a comment saying “they had a reason.”

Wish she had said what it was — it was either something legitimate or it could have been bizarre and petty like all of these break ups.


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