This Documentary About Chicago’s Gun Crime Is A Real Eye Opener


More people have been killed in the last year than in the Iraq and Afganistan wars put together.

When you think about violent cities in America I normally start with places like Detroit and Baltimore, and I probably wouldn’t end up at Chicago for a good while – turns out I’m completely wrong though.

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Since 2001, more Americans have been killed in Chicago than in both the Iraq and Afghanistan wars and apparently cops have never seen more guns on the streets than they have now. To find out just what the hell was going on over there, BBC journalists Ian Pannell and Darren Conway went over there to explore the world of guns and gangs.

The result is the following 15 minute documentary:

Well I still don’t know what the hell’s going on over there and why there are so many guns, but it looks like the situation over there is completely fucked. When even hardcore gangster rappers like Bo Deal are shitting it just about going outside then you know it’s a serious situation – sounds like the place is a fucking war zone. That six year old girl getting shot towards the end is just harrowing. If you’re living over there when you’re reading this then good luck.

For a look inside the most violent city in America though, click here.


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