This Boss Plans To Fire All Staff Members Who Refuse Coronavirus Vaccine

He’s not messing about here.

Vaccination has been a hot topic in this country for the past eighteen months with some people straight up refusing it because they don’t know what’s in it and whether or not it’s safe and others happily driving themselves hours away from their homes to receive their so called passport to freedom.

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One man who firmly knows which side of the debate he falls on is the head of Pimlico Plumbers Charlie Mullins, who is saying that he’s going to fire any staff member that hasn’t received the vaccine by January 1st 2022. Here’s what he had to say about his decision:

Any staff currently employed by Pimlico who have not had the jab by January 1 will be given the boot to protect our staff and customers and for the good of the country.

Firing people who refuse to have the jab may seem a bit strong, and it is, but for good reason.

In vaccines we have the tool to open up every part of society, so let’s get on with it the whole population needs to be vaccinated, it’s as simple as that. These cowards should be marked out for what they are, selfish people who are happy to see a country, and the livelihoods of the people within it, go belly up.

If people don’t want to take part in society, that’s their business; stay home and play on your Xbox or keep twitching the curtains while the rest of us get to work.

The month-long delay of Freedom Day on June 21 may not seem like much to those clutching desperately at their furlough money and keen stay at home wrapped in their Covid blankets, doing half a job. But to many, especially those in the hospitality industry, it was the death knell ringing for their businesses.

Covid knows nor understands any rules or boundaries, so why should we? All gloves must come off.

Having a vaccination should be mandatory. Those who say it isn’t possible, or undermines human rights, are wrong; almost anything is possible.

Don’t mince your words there pal.

I’m not really sure what to say about this myself, I think that having the vaccination is sensible and is probably the only way to get things going back to normal – and I also don’t think that the government or Bill Gates or whoever are trying to inject me with microchips – but I can respect the fact that people might not want to put something like that into their bodies. Although I guess you then have the argument about why they eat processed food or smoke cigarettes or whatever. It’s a fucking minefield.

Get vaxxed or don’t – it’s up to you – but I think we’re going to see more people with the position of Mullins as it continues to drag on, so be prepared for that if you choose to refuse it. Up to you.

For more of the same, check out this video of an anti vaccine nurse proving that vaccines turn people into magnets. OK then.


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