A Third Mysterious Metal Monolith Has Been Found In California

Not another one.

I predicted a couple of days ago that it wouldn’t be long until another mysterious metal monolith was found somewhere on this planet, but I was hoping that it was going to be located somewhere a bit more exotic than California considering one had already been found in Utah. Had my fingers crossed for a country like Gabon but was thinking it was probably more likely to be somewhere in Australia or something?

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Anyway, the new monolith has been spotted on top of Pine Mountain, near the small town of Atascadero. Here’s what the local newspaper The Atascadero News had to say about it:

The three-sided obelisk appeared to be made of stainless steel, 10-feet tall and 18 inches wide.

The object was welded together at each corner, with rivets attaching the side panels to a likely steel frame inside.

The top of the monument did not show any weld marks, and it appears to be hollow at the top, and possibly bottom.

Unlike its Utah sibling, the Atascadero obelisk was not attached to the ground, and could be knocked over with a firm push.

The Atascadero News estimates it weighs about 200 pounds.

The material appeared to be stainless steel, similar to a hood above the stove in a commercial kitchen.

The reflective material give the obelisk a mesmerizing shine as the sun, shadow, and Santa Lucia Mountain range converge on the vector as the prism redistributes the light from one of the highest points in Atascadero.

Wow whoever wrote that has got a real talent don’t they? Kinda wasted on the small stage writing for The Atascadero News – somebody snap them up quickly.

As for the obelisks/monoliths I’m starting to think that maybe it isn’t some global marketing campaign but instead it’s just a couple of completely separate random people seeing how much attention the Utah one was getting and erecting one themselves to see what kind of traction they can get and how worked up everyone will get off the back of it. It just seems so out of place for it to appear in California and not another weird country after it went to Romania second, but maybe that’s these clever marketing people throwing me off the scent. I guess we’ll find out soon. Or won’t?

For more of the same, check out the video father removal of the Utah monolith. Crazy.


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