Thieves Steal Loads Of Phones At TomorrowWorld Festival; Tweet About All The Cool Stuff They’ve Bought With The Proceeds

TomorrowWorld Festival Stolen Phones

These are some of the absolute worst people in the world.

TomorrowWorld EDM festival is currently going down outside of Atlanta Georgia in the USA and some people are taking advantage of the fact that dumb Americans don’t really know how to handle music festivals by stealing everyone’s phones and then bragging about it on Twitter.

It’s obviously a good reason to go to a festival –  just pick people’s pockets, loot their tents and then use all the proceeds to buy cool stuff like weed, Nikes and an Xbox One. You don’t even have to pay attention to all the EDM shit that’s playing.

It’s kind of hard to tell if these guys are for real or not, but to be honest I don’t really see any reason why they would upload loads of stuff like this on Twitter if they weren’t? I mean it’s a dumb enough thing to do anyway because obviously the police will be all over it, so if it isn’t even real it makes it even stupider surely? Although I suppose it does make you look completely gangster to all your followers.

Whatever – whether it’s real or not (I’m thinking it is) these guys are the absolute worst because stealing stuff from a bunch of people trying to have a good time is completely uncool. Although if you met this guy from last year’s version of the festival then he probably deserved to have his phone stolen to be honest.

You can scroll through some pictures from their Twitter account on the slideshow below.

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