These Students Are In The Shit For Making This Obscenely Offensive Protest


A group of students are under investigation after posting the above picture of them with blacked-up faces.

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The idea was meant to be a “joke” regarding ‘Black Lives Matter’ although I don’t know if the police, or the civilised population of the world will see it that way.

A group of three girls and one boy put the image on Snapchat with the caption ‘Black Lives Matter’. And just 12 hours earlier another picture was posted with three happy students that read ‘Locked the black bitch out’. What the actual fuck?


The University of North Dakota, where only 2.5% of the students are black, is now investigating the matter after a student named Etonde Maloke put the images on Facebook. She wrote:

I’m so livid!! We all know Racism is alive and well (whether you like to admit it not). When said acts of racism happen at your school, it is infuriating and heart breaking.

My friend left her phone in her room and the three kids pictured below took her phone and took the Snapchat pictured below.

They captioned it ‘locked the black bitch out’. My friend was not aware that they had done this and didn’t even realize they had put this on her Snapchat story until another friend of ours pointed it out.

Less than 12 hours after I posted yesterday, another photo surfaced of some UND students in black face with the caption ‘black lives matter’.

I don’t need to explain why this is offensive. This is a true testament to the campus climate and nature of what students of colour and other minority groups have to deal with on a daily basis.

The University of North Dakota needs to also investigate and address this. It is time to take a stand, we demand a zero tolerance policy for acts like this. Show us that we as monitory students matter just as much as any other students on this campus. Enough is enough.

Too damn straight. Don’t really know what these guys were thinking, but clearly they’re a bunch of ignorant, racist morons. Get a fucking clue. Hope they get chucked off their uni course for that. It’s even more ill-informed than this Air China travel tip.


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