Students Reveal The Most NSFW Things Their Teachers Have Done In Class



Back in school, I’m sure we all had that one teacher that was a bit of a lad or a bit of a flirt and occasionally acted like they were one of the gang.

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More often than not this was pretty cringe, but every now and again you did come across a good one who was actually kind of cool. Of course, you look back now and realise that that was either really weird behaviour or that they were in fact a paedophile. So it goes.

Anyway, this post isn’t about anything like that – it’s about the most awkward and NSFW things that teachers did in certain classes, from verging on sexual harassment to just plain hilarious. A Reddit AMA (what else?) made us privy to this information – here are some of the best posts so you don’t have to trawl through the thread for them:

NSFW Teachers 21

NSFW Teachers 20

NSFW Teachers 19

NSFW Teachers 18

NSFW Teachers 17

NSFW Teachers 16

NSFW Teachers 15

NSFW Teachers 14

NSFW Teachers 13

NSFW Teachers 12

NSFW Teachers 11

NSFW Teachers 10

NSFW Teachers 9

NSFW Teachers 8

NSFW Teachers 7

NSFW Teachers 6

NSFW Teachers 5

NSFW Teachers 4

NSFW Teachers 3 NSFW Teachers 2 NSFW Teachers 1

Some real corkers in there, but that one about the girl in the class looking like the girl he lost his virginity to in the brothel has to be the pick of the bunch. Almost makes me wish I was back in school with so many rogue characters about.

For more inappropriate school teachers, check out this teacher’s Instagram account. Not cool.



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