These ‘New Apple Mac’ Scented Candles Are Nearly As Popular As New Apple Macs


Can’t beat the smell of a freshly unpackaged laptop.

An Apple accessories company, Twelve South, has produced a candle that emits the scent of a freshly-opened Apple product. Whatever the fuck that smells like – plastic?

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Either way, they’ve proved popular and demand has been so strong that it sold out within just two hours of them going on sale.

If you wanted to get your hands on one of the ‘New Mac Soy Candles’, once there’s another batch on sale that is, you can buy them on Twelve South’s website for $24. Apparently the candles are hand poured in Charleston, South Carolina where the company is based.

The candle burn time is between 45-55 hours, which is far longer than the scent of a new Mac usually lasts and way, way longer than the battery life of any Apple product.

At the moment the company is unable to make any more as they have run out of soy wax, although they’ll likely be getting a batch in pretty soon, so sit tight if you want to get your hands on one. It’s mad that so many people are into this shit, but then I guess it would make a good gimmicky present.

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