These Clothes Pegs Text You When It’s About To Rain So You Can Get Your Washing In


Life changing.

Nothing sucks more than doing all of your washing, hanging it out to dry, feeling like you’re absolutely slaying life – as if you’re a functioning adults at last. And then… rain. All your efforts wasted.

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Feels shit, doesn’t it? Or at least I imagine it does. I’m a student so I don’t do washing. I wear the same outfits on rotation 16 times and then take a huge bag of laundry home to my mum for a weekend and sit in my room naked waiting for my clothes.

But now all of your problems can be solved with one simple little clothes peg. The gadget (imaginatively named ‘Peggy’) is the first ever interactive peg. Programmed to send instant alerts to your phone or smart device when it’s about to rain.

It works by tracking light, temperature and humidity conditions to calculate the likelihood of rain. Even better than that, it’s wifi enabled so it can check local weather reports to confirm it’s own meteorological predictions.

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It’ll even tell you if rain is likely later in the day and advise that you dry your clothes indoors instead. But it doesn’t stop there, the peg can actually predict how long it’ll take your clothes to dry outside based on the forecast. Genius.

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Peggy is in it’s testing stages at the moment so you can’t buy one yet, but I figure that means it’ll hit the shops in perfect time for me to finish uni and have to deal with real world shit like laundry.

Although, as impressive as it is – it’s still not as sick as that gadget that lets you shoot fire balls from your wrists.


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