These African Bodybuilders Have Managed To Get Completely Ripped Without Cushy Western Gyms

No excuses.

There are about a million and one excuses for anyone who says they want to get ripped and not actually following through with it – ‘oh I didn’t have the right clothes’, ‘oh the equipment in my gym is shitty’, ‘oh I just hate the taste of protein shakes’, ‘oh I wanted a cookie’ etc etc – but the fact is that if you really want something, you’ll do whatever it takes to achieve it. This video is proof of that.

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The video follows a bunch of African bodybuilders, who don’t have access to proper gym equipment – most of it is old, rusty, outdated and crappy – or any of the many chemical supplements we have in the west, but haven’t let this discourage them in their quest to get absolutely ripped. If you need any inspiration in reaching your fitness goals then just watch these guys because they’re absolutely everything that you aren’t:  

Makes me want to go to the gym right now and work out, but unfortunately I’ve gotta work at Sick Chirpse all day. There’s always something that gets in the way for some of us eh?

If this wasn’t enough to inspire you to get into shape – I mean it’s January soon too, so what better New Year’s resolution, right? – then check out this video of a completely ripped homeless bodybuilder in New York. If he can do it why can’t you?


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