Theresa May Is Taking Animal Rights Back Into The Dark Ages

Controversial move.

In the run up to the election, it’s been rather interesting to see the various policies that each party intends to focus on if they get into or remain in power.

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The Tories in particular have been relatively controversial with their 2017 manifesto in that they’ve decided that they want to bring fox hunting back. This is obviously a big mistake – approximately 84% of people in England and Wales want foxhunting to remain illegal – and it really would bring the country back into the dark ages of animal cruelty for “fun”.

Now it appears another plan from Theresa May involving animals has come to the forefront, as she has dropped her party’s pledge to ban the trade of ivory in its General Election manifesto.


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In the previous manifesto, which was launched before the 2015 election, David Cameron promised to enact a full on ban on the buying and selling of ivory in the UK. However, this plan and any mention of it is completely absent in the new manifesto.

Many people were predictably outraged at this move:

Meanwhile, the Labour Party has pledged a total ban on ivory trading. I’m not here to sway your vote – it’s up to you who you vote for – but one thing is for certain and that is if the Tories win, things are about to get a whole lot shittier for elephants and foxes.

Regardless of which way you sway politically, make sure you vote in the upcoming election. Every vote counts after all.


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