There’s A Student Bar In Sheffield That Sell ‘Paris Bomb’ Shots

The reaction has been explosive.

There’s nothing like a themed drink on a night out, is there?

I don’t know if it’s just me, but I have three stages of drinking – stage one: I drink to enjoy. At this point, I’m drinking stuff that tastes good because alcohol tastes shit on it’s own.

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Stage two – I’m drunk enough now to be entertained by the names of my drinks.

Stage three – I’m so drunk when I reach stage three that I’ll down anything you hand me without a second thought. Anything to keep me wasted and away from that depressing reality of a bank account getting further and further into minus digits.

Stage four – RIP.

Stage two is where one student bar in Sheffield fucked up. And they fucked up real bad.

Things kicked off when the bar shared a picture of their new drink ‘The Paris Bomb’ on Instagram. They received a huge backlash and have since deleted the post – can’t imagine why.

The Paris Bomb

The drink consists of a red, a white and a blue shot and the bar insists that they’ve had it for over two years and not since the tragic events that took place in Paris last year.

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Be that as it may, showing a little sensitivity and changing the name probably wouldn’t have gone amiss here really, would it? Instead, the bar – called Paris, hence the drink – have defended their drink fiercely. They even told customers that if they didn’t like it they could order a different drink.

One Instagram user Dina Cottier commented on the original post, which read: ‘The new week is here. Why not try a Paris bomb tonight at Shapes – four for £10,’ saying:

Paris bomb. Really?

To which the bar replied:

Paris bombs have been around for two years but if the name is offending people feel free to suggest name changes.

A ‘bomb shot’ or a ‘depth charge’ is a drink made by mixing two drinks (hence Jagerbomb).

It has nothing to do with the horrendous events in France. The name was suitable before November 15. If you don’t like it we serve a wide range of other drinks too.

Keep up that attitude and I don’t think they’ll have to worry about customers not liking anything as they won’t have any customers left to serve.

What’s more ridiculous – a bar selling the ‘Paris Bomb’ or one that exclusively sells tap water?


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