There’s A New Male Contraceptive Pill That You Can Take Minutes Before Sex That Works For Days

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The results are startling – and almost instant.

I’m fairly sure that every guy reading this would have been hoping and praying for a male contraceptive that actually works at some point during their life, and the good news now is that there is one that’s finally available and it seems like it’s going to legitimately do the job.

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The cell-penetrating peptide compound was created by researchers at the University Of Wolverhampton in  collaboration with some Portuguese scientists. Apparently you can take the pill – or use a nasal spray – and it will render you infertile for a few days almost instantly, so you can have it pretty much just right before you have sex. Nice.

The pill itself (or nasal spray) works by smuggling its way into sperm and then stopping them from swimming, which also means that they can’t fertilise eggs either. Professor John Howl – who supervised the project – explains:

Human sperm

The results are startling – and almost instant. When you take healthy sperm and add our compound, within a few minutes the sperm basically cannot move.

It’s still in the testing stage but if everything goes to plan then it could be available by 2021.

Well yeah, it certainly would be a massive game changer if something like this came along, not only for guys who could operate with a bit more certainty when it came to not getting someone pregnant, but also for girls who couldn’t actually take the pill for health reasons or whatever. Hopefully it gets tested and doesn’t have any side effects and in five years we’ll all be able to pick it up in the toilets of our favourite nightclub before heading home to do the business.

For more contraception, check out the penis switch. Probably not as good as this method.


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