There Won’t Be Any Additional Tariffs On Halloumi In A No Deal Brexit


It looks increasingly likely that Britain will withdraw from the EU without a deal the way things have been going and obviously this is pretty concerning for most people in this country as there’s a very real possibility that we won’t be able buy all the food that we so regularly depend on as there won’t be any trade agreements in place.

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This could affect literally any food you can think of – we just don’t know what’s login to happen at this point – but the UK government has moved to dampen our fears after there was an outcry over whether halloumi imports would be heaving taxed in the event of a no deal Brexit. Everyone knows that halloumi is one of the most popular cheeses in this country right now, so it’s not really that surprising that there’s been concern over its upcoming availability.

Thankfully though, the official UK in Cyprus Twitter account made the following announcement:

Result. I suppose now if we can’t get any other food after a No Deal Brexit then at least we know we’ll be able to survive on that delicious halloumi. Doesn’t actually sound that bad just eating halloumi all day either – hopefully this will be the news that tips the scales in terms of a No Deal Brexit. Can’t wait.

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