A Theme Park Completely Dedicated To Cheese Has Opened In South Korea

Cheese Theme Park 1

Most great theme parks seem to have some kind of presiding theme linking all of it together – you know like Disney, Asterix, spooky shit at Alton Towers, movies at Universal Studios – but as time ticks on it becomes harder and harder to come up with these. Or more importantly, to pay the top dollar for them.

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Or at least that was what we thought. Over in South Korea, someone has come up with the a theme for a park that pretty much everyone except for vegans can enjoy: cheese. And to be fair even vegans love cheese – they just can’t eat it themselves.

The park is called Imsil Cheese Theme Park and is designed as a replica of the Swiss city of Appenzell. In the park you can learn about cheese, make cheese, eat cheese and even get married in front of a European style cheese castle. There’s also a children’s play area, animal park, a cheese research and a cave where they store cheese to age it. Very cool.

Cheese Theme Park 2

I can’t help but say I’m a bit disappointed though. Sure, that all sounds pretty good, but to be honest I was expecting more from a cheese theme park. I wanted there to be a Ferris wheel that was shaped like a Camembert, dodgems that looked like BabyBels and a rollercoaster that mimicked a slab of Red Leicester or something . Maybe some of those parasol rides that were made out of Cheese Strings too.

Kinda disappointed as this is more like a cheese experience park than a theme park, but I suppose it’s still pretty cool that it even exists, right? Could probably kill a day there if I was visiting South Korea.

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