Study Finds The Chemicals In Mac And Cheese Are Toxic

Mac And Cheese

Bad news.

It’s pretty much impossible to enjoy any food item for more than about six months now, as chances are that some study is going to get published telling you that it’s bad for you. It happens to all the great ones, trust me.

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The lastest dish to be affected is the classic mac and cheese. Admittedly, this has been around for eons, but it’s still pretty annoying that it’s been targeted now.

A study over in America found that out of 30 prepackaged mac and cheese brands, 29 of them contained phthalates. For those of you not in the know, phthalates are hormone-influencing chemicals used to soften plastics that are banned from children’s toys.

mac And Cheese

However, it’s not all bad news, as doctors also said that the amounts contained in mac and cheese were so small that you would literally have to spend all day eating it for days to notice any effect. So yeah, if you’re doing that then maybe you should stop, although really you probably should have stopped a long time ago if you’ve got any respect.

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Annoyingly the study neglected to mention the 29 brands, but given that it took place in America, it might not even be a problem when buying mac and cheese over here. I’m gonna think that anyway.

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