The Spiritual Successor To Theme Hospital Is Finally Here

Two Point Hospital


Back in the day – and maybe still now, I’ll admit I’m not really that much of a gamer anymore – simulation based games like Theme Park, Theme Hospital and Sim City were immensely popular and you could literally lose days of your life worrying about how to expand whatever you were in control of and afford to pay everyone who was working in whatever establishment you were controlling.

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Anyway, the point is they were super addictive and one of the best of them was Theme Hospital where you tried to build a hospital and then employ it with enough doctors and nurses and orderlies that it could make a profit and cure all the comical diseases that you would face. Most times you would probably fail, but that wouldn’t stop you coming back for more and trying to beat the game even though it was almost impossible to ever beat these games. Classic gaming model I suppose.

It’s kinda hard to believe that nobody has capitalised on the Theme Hospital idea yet, but the guys at Two Point Studios – full of alumni behind games like Theme Park, Startopia, Fable, Black and White, and The Movies – have developed Two Point Hospital which for all intents and purposes is an updated version of Theme Hospital with better graphic and better gameplay options. Check out a couple of trailers for it below: 

Very good huh? Even better news is that it’s available right now for immediate download on PC, Linux and Mac so you can play it immediately if you want. There’s also an end to this game as you have to build hospitals in different locations with different challenges as the game progresses. I’m not gonna lie it sounds pretty good – probably gonna download it tonight.

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