New Horror Film ‘The Woods’ Is Actually A Secret ‘Blair Witch Project’ Sequel

Blair witch sequel

Plot twist.

Do you guys remember when we wrote about the upcoming horror movie ‘The Woods’, which was pitched to be the scariest movie ever made? Well, it turns out director Adam Wingard and his crew have been playing a cheeky little trick on us.

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In reality ‘The Woods’ isn’t called ‘The Woods’ at all – it is in fact a sequel to the ultimate found footage movie the ‘Blair Witch Project’. Pulled that one out of the bag didn’t they?

Titled ‘Blair Witch’, the movie was screened publicly for the first time at Comic-Con yesterday. The plot focuses on the brother of the ‘Blair Witch Project’ character Heather Donahue. Trying to figure out what happened to her, he goes out into the woods with his friends and quite predictably, weird shit starts going down.

Fuck yeah, can’t wait for this one. I was excited about ‘The Woods’ as it was, but the fact that it is the official sequel to one of the most memorable horror movies of all time makes the release even more exciting. As the trailer said, it’s out in September so not too long to wait.

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