‘The Wire’ Creator David Simon Had A Massive Slanging Match With Piers Morgan On Twitter

Get your popcorn.

We’ve already talked about how Piers Morgan gave his first interview since leaving ‘Good Morning Britain’ yesterday on Fox News with Tucker Carlson and how he unsurprisingly doubled down on his claims that Meghan Markle was a liar, but what we haven’t mentioned yet is how he got into a massive slanging match with the creator of ‘The Wire’ David Simon immediately following it.

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You don’t really need any context for this so let’s just dive right in hey:

Wow. He really didn’t hold back there did he, although it gets a bit embarrassing where he starts dissing people’s mothers after they’ve tried to defend Piers. Here are a couple of them that kinda made me lol before I remembered a 50 year old man had written them:

Errr. I don’t really know much about David Simon other than that he made ‘The Wire’ and a couple of other television shows, but his bio says that he’s ‘the angriest man in television’ and this kinda backs it up. Always love to see Piers Morgan get ridiculed though so gotta give Simon the W on this one. Nice one pal.

Hopefully this isn’t the last we hear in their feud because both of them seem to enjoy giving it out to each other. Can see it becoming even more entertaining to be honest.

For more of the same, check out Morgan getting a cream pie thrown in his face. Still funny.


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