The Video Of The Shooting Of An Unarmed Black Man Is The ‘Worst One Seen Yet’


The guy had his hands on the police car and wasn’t a threat to anyone.

Unfortunately there seems to be an epidemic of unarmed black men being shot dead by white police officers in the USA at the moment, and even more tragically they just seem to get worse and worse in terms of how avoidable they are.

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In the video below – which was described as the ‘worth he had ever seen’ by Ray Owens, a pastor at Metropolitan Baptist Church who was invited to see the footage by police before it was release to the public – you see an unarmed black man who doesn’t appear to be posing any threat get gunned down in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

To make matters even worse, Terence Crutcher’s car had actually broken down in the middle of the road and he had rung for help, but the cops showed up as they deemed it ‘suspicious activity.’ A helicopter flying above the incident described Crutcher as a ‘bad dude who could be on something’, but Owens argues that was probably just because he was tall, black and big. Can’t say I can really argue with that.

The shooting goes down about two minutes in:

Honestly, what the hell is going on there? The guy is just standing on the car with his hands on the car – as instructed by the police – and then they just shoot him for no actual reason. What the actual fuck? I can see why people would say that this is the worst shooting they’ve ever seen because it doesn’t look like he was even remotely threatening at all.

To make the whole thing even more shameful, nobody even tries to get him medical attention for at least a minute whilst he’s lying on the floor. What is honestly their fucking problem?

I hope the two officers involved in this shooting – Betty Shelby and Tyler Turnbrough – go down for this but I doubt they will. It seems like these idiots always get off in their internal reviews. This needs to stop happening over there though because it’s a problem that shouldn’t still be going down in 2016.

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