The UKIP MEP Who Got Punched In A Meeting Just Revealed What Really Happened


This sounds comical to say the least.

The world was shocked yesterday after it was revealed that UKIP politician Steven Woolfe was fighting for his life following a punch up with fellow UKIP MEP Mike Hookem.

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Details of the incident were fairly scarce aside from that awful looking picture of Woolfe laid out on the floor, but after recovering in hospital, Woolfe has decided to share his side of the story of what went down yesterday:


Tensions were high in the meeting after I revealed that I had considered defecting to join the Conservative party.

I wasn’t bruising for a scrap. I asked to deal with the matter outside of the room because it was flaring up in the meeting and upsetting everybody, and Mike clearly read that totally the wrong way. It was a completely unexpected incident.

Mike came at me and landed a blow. The door frame took the biggest hit after I was shoved into it and I knew I’d taken a whack and was pretty shaken.

I began feeling woozy and knew something wasn’t right so I ran out to get help. I started shouting, ‘Where is the medical centre?’ and was pointed over a walkway bridge.

That’s the last I can remember. I don’t remember anything else.

Next thing I know, I woke up surrounded by Parliament staff, lying on the floor and they ran to get my colleague Nathan Gill, who then came with me to the hospital.

The doctors told me I had had one seizure lasting three minutes and then another.

A CT scan revelaed I had no clotting on my brain, but I stayed in hospital overnight to recover and await some secondary test results.


Sounds like a pretty stupid incident, right? Unsurprisingly though, Mike Hookem (pictured above) is denying that he attacked Woolfe, with ‘a close friend’ revealing the following account:

In the meeting, Mr Woolfe told Mike that they should ‘go outside and deal with this man on man’.

When they went out, Steven threw the first punch. He then tripped over his own feet and fell over.

It was all pretty schoolyard. There is no indication at all that he hit his head.

Hmmm. Again, it all sounds pretty comical and stupid, whichever version you choose to believe. I kinda like the second one better though because that is really dumb if Woolfe fell over after tripping over his own feet and had to go to hospital for it. Classic British politics it seems these days unfortunately.

Anyway, even though Woolfe is a prick, we’re glad he’s OK and wasn’t seriously hurt as we wouldn’t wish that on anyone. Let’s hope when he’s fully recovered he can do something even stupider than this to screw UKIP up even more. Fingers crossed.

For more politicians fighting, here’s a massive scrap from inside the Ukrainian Parliament. It’s not just us thankfully.


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