BREAKING: UKIP Leader Hopeful Left Fighting For Life After Being Punched In UKIP Meeting


That must’ve been a savage punch.

Contender for UKIP leadership, Steven Woolfe, has been left fighting for his life after being punched in the face during a meeting of the party’s MEPs.

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Reports state that Woolfe was hit during an argument with another MEP, believed to be Mike Hookem (you can’t make this shit up). Following the altercation, the leading candidate collapsed outside the European Parliament in Strasbourg, before being rushed to hospital. Sources have said that he is suffering from ‘bleeding on the brain’. Must’ve been a savage punch.

According to reports, he was punched in the face before falling back and hitting his head on a metal bar. Apparently both Hookem and Woolfe appeared OK after the argument and went to vote, although after the meeting Woolfe was complaining about losing the feeling down one side of his body.

Not much else is known about the fight as of yet, other than it might have been over a disagreement regarding ‘defection’, as Woolfe admitted he was considering moving over to the Conservatives. We’ll keep you posted if any other information comes up.


It just seems pretty mad that if it weren’t for Woolfe collapsing outside the European Parliament, no one would have even known that there was quite literally a punch-up occurring in the UKIP MEP meeting. Does that mean this happens quite a lot? Probably, knowing them lot. Rather than solving their issues with debate and intelligent thought, they just see who can throw a better punch.

Anyway, as much as UKIP suck and I hate everything they stand for, I would never wish death upon anyone so thoughts go out to Woolfe and hopefully he pulls through.

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