The Techno Viking Film We Have All Been Waiting For Has Finally Leaked

Techno Viking

But we’re still not allowed to know his name.

While his name remains unknown, his giant, shirtless figure, washboard abs and plaited beard are recognised around the world.

After storming his way through Germany’s Fuckparade in 2000, raving his tits off with every step, Techno Viking became one of the great mysteries of the internet. Just who was this dancing messiah?

Well, 15 years later, the brave man who captured the sacred footage has immortalised the boogying brute in a feature length documentary covering the rise of one of the internet’s golden memes.

Matthias Fritsch, director of the documentary and the first man to ever film Techno Viking in the wild (and live to tell the tale) was able to complete the film thanks to a crowdfunding campaign in which hundreds of internet dwellers chipped in to see the project come to light.

A lawsuit followed from Techno Viking himself, forcing Matthias to keep his identity secret, but the show went on regardless, much to the delight of me, you and well, everyone except TK himself.

The documentary follows the story of how, after sitting dormant on Fritch’s website for six years, the video found its way onto a Central American porn site before literally blowing up the internet by racking up 2 million views in just one night.

Watch the documentary for yourself and relive the happy memories of a man who taught the internet the true beauty of techno dancing. Maybe he could have taught Drake a move or two.


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