‘The Sims Mobile’ Is Coming To Destroy Productivity Once And For All

Say goodbye to your social life.

About 20 years ago, The Sims was probably the biggest computer game on the planet. Well, it’s finally making its way to mobile in a move that might kill off humanity as we know it.

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Simply called ‘The Sims Mobile’, the game will be free to download and will work on both iOS and Android. From the trailer, it seems like the mobile version will have very similar functionality to the PC game; you can create your own sims, build their houses, and run (or screw up) their social lives.

Naturally, they’ve added a social feature, where you can connect with your friend’s sims to create a mini community:

Not too sure how to feel about this to be honest. I mean we all love video games which at the end of the day are all about that blissful distraction from reality, but The Sims just takes that to a worrying level. It was addictive enough on PC; just imagine what it will be like when everyone’s playing it on mobile 24/7. One minute you’re buying your first plot of land, a few hours later you’ve got a partner and 3 kids to look after. There’s just too much happening to ever take a break.

Still, I suppose Sims is the only way some people will ever get laid, like this guy who has been rejected by 5,000 girls on Facebook, so it can’t be all bad.


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