Guy Gets Rejected By 5,000 Girls On Facebook

Predrag Jovanovic tried 5,000 times, and failed 5,000 times to find himself a girlfriend via Facebook.

So he’s no Leo DiCaprio, but not one girl in 5,000?

Predrag Jovanovic, 34, from Serbia, picked 5,000 girls on Facebook and sent them all messages, but it turned out to be a massive waste of time because he got rejected 5,000 times. Well, 15 times. The rest of them didn’t even bother getting into contact with him.

“I got only 15 responses and they were all negative,” he said. “All 15 politely refused to be my girlfriend, while the rest of them simply ignored me. When someone ignores you that is the worst thing of all.”

This hasn’t put Predrag off though; he’s continuing his search for a woman online because he says all the women in his town near Belgrade are either married or grandmothers. You’re 34 dude, surely you can move town if you want?

“All I am asking is for someone to take a chance on me, meet up and we take it from there,” he added. “I know I risk getting into the record books as the biggest Facebook romantic flop of all time but it is worth the risk.”

Maybe it’s not worth Predrag carrying on down the FB route, but you do have to rate this move on some level. Every guy in the world to some extent knows how Predrag feels. That line: ‘When someone ignores you that is the worst pain of all’. Utterly devastating. We all go through that, bro. We feel your pain.

Our advice for Predrag: Skip town and get on the Tinder flex.

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