‘The Simpsons’ Predicted The Pandemic And Murder Hornets In The Same Clip

Of course they did.

If there’s one thing that we can rely on in these troubled times, it’s that ‘The Simpsons’ will probably have predicted them as they’ve turned out to have quite the knack for it in the past – and they’ve hit another home run after someone dug up this clip where they predicted both the global pandemic and murder hornets.

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The spot comes from the episode ‘Marge In Chains’, which originally aired back in 1993 as season 4’s 21st episode and saw ‘Osaka Flu’ beginning in an Asian company and then spreading to the United States and infecting their citizens en masse as well. Dr Hibbert in the clip below says that there’s no known cure – sounds familiar – and then a whole bunch of killer bees arrive on the scene to start murdering people as well:

*The clip actually ends with someone eating one of the bees to try and cure the virus, but the original poster didn’t want to encourage such behaviour, having seen the mess Trump got into recently suggesting that people eat bleach.

OK, the bees/hornets thing is a bit of a push but I guess whoever travelled through time to put all these Easter Eggs in ‘The Simpsons’ didn’t want to make it too obvious, right? Otherwise someone would eventually realise what was going on and arrest them or whatever the hell it is that you would do with a time traveller when you realised what they were doing in this time period.

Anyway, surely it can’t be a coincidence that ‘The Simpsons’ keeps on doing stuff like this and they must have some kind of link to the future? Or I guess you could say that lockdown really does have me at this point. Oh well.

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