Enter the mind of a deviant. Stalkher.

Part 2:

“Threshold of Revelation”

The taxi pulls over and they both get out, from somewhere in the depths of his jacket, he has produced a stylish little umbrella and he shelters her beneath it. He puts his arm around her and she cuddles in close against him. Again my stomach froths with anger at this wounding, illicit act. He pays the taxi driver and of course tells him to keep the change; even more ostentatious display. He really is a professional, I’m sure he has done this all before, wooing the ladies and splashing the cash, I hope they were ever so impressed as they sucked his fragrant and moisturised cock. He opens the thick glass door to the plush, carpeted foyer and then opens the door to his soulless, minimalist flat.

I am surprised to see that he lives in a ground floor flat, so I can watch them through the window as the lights go on in the hall and they start kissing and clawing each other like rabid, uncontrollable animals. He doesn’t even have the decency to close the curtains as his hands are busily violating my property. The light in the hall casts a warm glow as they are framed in the window, it almost looks like a Jack Vettriano painting of my worst possible nightmare come true, but the people in it are not quite stylish and good-looking enough for it to be a real painting. I can still see their infinite glaring flaws.

There is more kissing and groping and fondling as they go through to the bedroom as I watch on in helpless anguish. This guy is a fast worker, I will give him that, she is already on her back and all he had to do was buy her one glass of wine. It cost me two years of my life just to get her in the same position. He has taken off her top now and he is hungrily sucking on her breasts. She frantically undoes her bra and throws it across the room. He rips off her black lace panties and I fully expect them to stick to the ceiling as he carelessly throws them over his shoulder. I watch on in disgust as the sickening events before me unfold. I clench my fists in my pockets and my nails dig into the skin of my hands, but I can’t look away. I can already feel the warm wet rivulets of blood flowing down into my pockets.

Then he rams it in to her gaping, already soaking wet cunt. I can almost sense it dripping its sordid excretions all over the sheets.

Now he is fvcking her, hard and incessantly. She loves every second of it and she squirms in ecstasy with every thrust, she loves having him inside her, violating her, degrading her. He is like a slobbering animal pounding away, sweating and grunting. He has thick black hair on his chest and on his shoulders. It makes me sick. The stupid fvcking whore rolls over and in silent screams she wraps her legs around his and pushes back harder and harder on his thick cock. His disgusting hairy balls are slapping off her ass now and her face is twisted and contorted in pure lust. I nearly look away as he jabs a finger up her innocent little pink arsehole; she would never have let me do that to her, I am nearly violently sick into the puddles gathering around my feet. He is in up to the knuckle.

He is pounding and pounding and drops of sweat are dripping off his forehead on to her back, then his body jerks spasmodically and she turns around and she looks into his eyes as he comes hard and deep and long. He pulls out and I see it dribble down the cheeks of her ass. He smiles and slaps her playfully, and then he looks up. I think I feel his eyes connect with mine and he smiles again, a long leering smile and I can see his stained, yellow teeth glinting at me through the window.

Now, it’s all over and I am still standing outside the window, just staring at them. I feel like my insides have been wrenched out. The rain gets heavier and I just stand there, the second man outside the window: the lesser man, the beaten man.

I am hollow. I am nothing. I am broken. And she has taken everything from me.

She is my fallen angel in lingerie.

Then I feel the blood trickle down the palms of my hands. I am standing there for what seems like an eternity as a tear or a raindrop runs down my cheek. It is at that moment, I finally realise, that I have lost her forever.

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