The Screaming Sheep

The Screaming Sheep

Are you at the end of your tether with the stresses of life? This sheep feels your pain bro.

You know that feeling of impending doom you experience as your alarm goes off at 7am, preparing you for yet another day of relentless horror at work? Well, this sheep feels your pain bro.

Below is just 7 seconds seconds of footage, and of a sheep, but I think this could be used to cure depression worldwide. At about 3 seconds in this guy just flips his lid, and lets out a scream that I can only liken to your flatmate finding you in a botched suicide wanking attempt. It’s a fvcking Grade-A Hollywood scream, from a sheep! I for one will be playing this video at least once a week throughout the pending Winter, when getting up in the morning will be a whole lot worse. This will remind me that life isn’t so bad, and our pain is shared by hilarious screaming sheep.

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