The Satanic Children’s Big Book Of Activities

Santanic Book

The Satanic Temple have been kind enough to make a fun pamphlet for the school children of America. How kind.

When I fist came across this Satanic children’s book I thought it had to be a joke. A Satanic children’s book? I mean we did once find an old children’s books which aims to protect kids from Satanists, but nothing that promotes Satanism to children. The pamphlet has been designed by a group called The Satanic Temple to disseminate to children in Orange County, Florida.

The groups aim with this leaflet is to counteract other religion’s right to hand out their little myth-filled pamphlets. Having looked through The Satanic Temple’s website it seems they’re not really looking to promote Satan as such, rather science, reason and good will to all men. For instance they’re pro-choice, anti-religion in government; they’re against corporal punishment being used in schools in America and pro-same sex marriage. I guess they include “Satanic” in their name just to poke a few uptight types in the eye. I bet it’s working too.


The Satanic Temple are currently building a statue of Baphomet (above, awaiting a bronze coating apparently) which they hope to get installed in Oklahoma City. Good luck with that.

Anyway, I reckon these guys are cool dudes, this kid’s pamphlet is awesome and I hope they hand them out nationwide. Here you are:

Satanist Activity Book Page 1

Satanist Activity Book Page 2

Satanist Activity Book Page 3

Satanist Activity Book Page 4

Satanist Activity Book Page 5

Satanist Activity Book Page 6

Satanist Activity Book Page 7

Satanist Activity Book Page 8

Satanist Activity Book Page 9

Satanist Activity Book Page 10

Santanic Book

See what I mean? That’s pretty cool isn’t it. They’re basically promoting good behaviour but through the medium of faux evil rather than made up religious figures. I like it.


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