The Rock Just Got Owned On Twitter Over His ‘Jumanji’ Remake

It’s not often you see The Rock getting completely decimated like this.

The Rock is one of the biggest superstars in the world today and one of the main reasons for this is his quick wit and sass when it comes down to dissing other people who are trying to get one over on him. His whole WWE career was pretty much based upon this, and that undoubtedly got him to where he is today.

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So it’s a real surprise when you see someone get one over on The Rock, but that happened this week thanks to a guy called Olly Gibbs, a designer for Empire magazine. After The Rock’s new trailer for the ‘Jumanji’ reboot dropped yesterday, Gibbs couldn’t help but notice it was the second movie of The Rock’s that had featured the tagline ‘Welcome To The Jungle’ after his 2003 effort with Sean William Scott, that was also titled ‘Welcome To The Jungle.

Gibbs felt the need to inform The Rock of this and well, just watch how events unfold:

Wow. The Rock really got caught out there didn’t he? It’s great that he was big enough to see that though and respected it too. He took it on the chin.

If you want to see The Rock spit some absolute fire, check out his greatest insults ever here. Looks like the dude has lost it compared to what he was back in the day.


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