The Rock Is Starting A New Ninja Warrior Style TV Show Called ‘The Titan Games’

The Rock The Titan Games

Have you got what it takes to be a Titan?

The Rock seems like he’s the busiest man in Hollywood right now as it literally seems like he can’t stop announcing new TV shows and movies and still manages to find the time every day to work out so he’s also the biggest man in Hollywood too.

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Anyway, his latest project is something called ‘Titan Games’ which is going to be shown on NBC over in America and he’s describing as a ‘competition series based on American Ninja Warrior’. It was announced during the Superbowl (because obviously America) and then The Rock appeared on Jimmy Fallon immediately afterwards to try and explain the concept of it.

Check out both of those promos below:

Yeah, OK so I’m not really sure what The Titan Games is at all from either of those promos, other than it’s something that The Rock is teaming up with the guys from American Ninja Warrior to make. Everyone seems really excited by it though so I guess that’s something?

It seems like The Rock has stolen Donald Trump’s interview technique as well from this promo – he just says how enthusiastic he is about a certain concept but doesn’t actually explain what that concept is or anything, just how great it is and the crowd seem to really pop hard for it. Could be an indicator that he is actually going to run for President in 2020?

I mean we know he hasn’t ruled it out, so don’t be surprised eh? Until then just get pumped for The Titan Games I guess.


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