The Rock Once Again Proves How Awesome He Is With This A+ Story About His Mum

Can this guy do any wrong?

Everyone knows that The Rock is pretty much the most likeable human being on the planet. I’m sure I’ve never heard anyone in the media or anywhere else say a single bad word about him because the guy is basically the American David Beckham — you literally cannot find anything bad to say about him.

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Well The Rock just solidified that fact following Mother’s Day over in America, with this lovely story about his mum:


Cool Mother’s Day story.. early am flight and I’m sittin’ across from my mom when out of the blue she looks around the plane, then looks at me and says “Son, I can’t believe the life I have.. grandma and grandpa would be so proud.” I asked her, “Are you happy ma?”. Just then the flight attendant placed my moms breakfast down on the table and my mom said to me, “Am I happy?.. I used to worry about how I was going to buy groceries for us and now I just had my breakfast placed down in front of me”. She bursts into tears and says “Yes, son I couldn’t be happier”. This is the woman who when I was 14yrs old we were evicted out of our apartment in Hawaii cause we couldn’t afford the $180 per week rent. At this moment Im shaking my head and smiling quietly (as my mom blows her nose;) cause she just told me she’s happy. And y’all know when our parents tell us they’re happy, its so satisfying for us, cause it means we’ve done a good job for them as their kids. Happy Mother’s Day to all the deserving amazing mamas out there. And Happy Mother’s Day to my amazing mom who will no doubt kill me for posting this crying pic. #EnjoyBreakfastMom #GratefulTears #TryNotCryInTheEggs

Awesome stuff. We could all try to be a little bit more like The Rock – except maybe not when it comes to emulating his diet plans.


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