The Rock Cut Himself In The Gym & So Naturally Tasted His Own Blood And Gave A Motivational Speech

Standard Rock behaviour.

If anybody else filmed themselves tasting their own blood and shared it onto Instagram, we’d probably think it was a little bit weird. But since it’s The Rock, we all just go along with it and listen intently as he turns it into motivational fuel, because that’s just what The Rock does.

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No messing about:

What a badass. Just takes the blood back into his body and carries on working out (right after filming a little message for Instagram, of course). Again, if anyone else put out this exact video they would probably come off as an over the top try-hard but since it’s The Rock and we know he basically lives in the gym 24/7 and is a legit monster, he gets away with it. Is there any other A-list Hollywood superstar out there who could pull this off?

Just another day in the life…

Need The Rock yelling ‘FOCUS’ at me in the gym from now on. That’ll whip anyone into shape in no time.

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