‘The Ring’ Is Making A Terrifying Return In 2017


The girl from the well is back.

Back in the 00s, ‘The Ring’ franchise was a pretty huge deal in the world of horror. Of course, the original Japanese version was way more terrifying than the Hollywood remake, but it’s not like that one couldn’t stand on its own two feet as a decent little watch.

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The franchise has been dormant for eight years now, but it’s set to be revived with ‘Rings’. In this new version, the girl in the well has ditched the traditional VHS video tape – I mean who has a VCR these days anyway – and has moved into the world of the internet and viral videos.

It’s very 2017 basically:

It actually looks surprisingly good, but I suppose all trailers make the movie look good. The truth is that ‘Rings’ has actually been delayed by the studio for about three years, but is finally set to be released in about a month on February 3rd.

Let’s hope that the postponement doesn’t mean that it’s absolutely terrible, although that is generally the kind of feeling you get when a movie has so many problems. It looks like an interesting idea that could work though – fingers crossed.

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