The No Ragrets Tattoo Gallery

I Love Poo Tattoos

No, that isn’t a typo – it’s what one of these tattoos says and is thus the perfect name for the gallery.

We’re all massive fans of terrible tattoos on Sick Chirpse – and to be honest we’re pretty sure that everyone everywhere is a massive fan of them too – as it truly inspires you that no matter how crappy your life might get, you don’t look like a complete and utter moron for having a terrible tattoo that is often misspelt or just downright awful.

These are some of the best we’ve ever featured (I know I say that with every gallery but there are some really, really special ones in this one) and you can see some truly spectacular translation fails and even a heart with an arrow through it spread over the bodies of two lovers. Just take a guess how that turned out looking.

Anyway, enjoy.

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