Watch This Base Jumper Narrowly Avoid Smashing His Head To Smithereens


Close one.

Watching people hanging off buildings and doing urban exploration has been a popular spectator sport for some time now, but I’m not sure anyone who has come before is quite as crazy as this new character 8Booth. 

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8Booth loves breaking into buildings and jumping off them into water and it seems as though he’s only going to get more and more adventurous. A couple of weeks ago we featured him jumping off a four storey hotel into its swimming pool, and today we’re sharing a video of him jumping off an 8 storey apartment block over a pier into a dock. Dangerous:

Geez Louise that was a close one. Not really sure what 8Booth is going to do next but if he’s reading this, I’d probably suggest he stops because this is some crazy shit and it’s only going to be so long before it all catches up with him. I don’t want the next article I write about him to be mourning his death.

For more crazy jumps, here’s a guy jumping 70 foot off a roof into a 5 foot pool. Mad.


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