The Lure Looks Like The Absolute Craziest Movie Of 2017


It’s the story of two mermaid sisters who eat men and decide to get jobs as strippers.

There’s a lot of completely weird filmmaking out there, but it’s not often that a movie that looks like The Lure comes along and might actually be good.

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Batshit crazy doesn’t even begin to describe this movie. It tells the story of two mermaid sisters who regularly lure men into the sea and eat them, but then decide to join a strip club/cabaret bar. Once there, they run into conflict when one of them falls in love with one of the musicians working there but the other decides that she wants to keep eating men.

The Lure is also Polish, a musical and an official selection at the Sundance Film Festival:

Wow that looks like a hell of a trip eh? Kind of like a Coen Brothers movie crossed with Sam Raimi and Boogie Nights and Moulin Rouge.

I’ve no idea if I’ll actually enjoy it when it eventually gets released in this country, but I’m certainly intrigued by it because it literally looks like nothing I’ve ever seen before. It’s not often you can say that about a movie is it?

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