Lisa Hind has spent over £15,000 of her husband’s money on beauty treatments with the hope of one day looking like her idol, Katie Price. It’s obviously not working.

Katie Price – AKA Jordan – better watch out ‘cos there’s a new girl in town. Meet Lisa Hind, 25 from Cheshire, the wannabe model who has spent thousands of pounds of her husband’s money on her daily beauty treatments that include the sun-bed, botox injections, false nails and hair extensions with the hope of one day looking just like her idol, Katie Price. All in all Lisa has spent over £15,000 on beauty treatments, with the hope of one day looking like Jordan. You can see from the above photo it’s obviously working, I can’t even tell who’s who. Lisa has even gone as far as having her eyeliner and eyebrows tattooed on to her face as she is worried of being rushed to hospital in the middle of the night and not being able to get her make up on in time.

Taken from the Sun’s website, Lisa gives us an insight into her life:

On her marriage to Steve who she met when he was driving her bus:

“We just hit it off. Two weeks later he proposed.

On employment:

“Looking after myself is a 24-hour job. I could never be in a job 9-5.”

On starting a family:

“The baby would get neglected because I have to come first – and you can’t go on sun beds if you’re pregnant.”

Lisa Hind and Jordan

It’s clear that Lisa has completely wasted £15,000 of her husband’s money as she is still a complete munter, maybe her and Steve should try popping into spec-savers rather than the tanning salon.


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