Bookstore in Toronto made an awesome stop motion promo video to promote reading. Reading is cool!

Books are cool. Well, kinda. I prefer comic books but books are still pretty cool and I try to read at least one a month. I even tried to review a couple for Sick Chirpse but it didn’t really work out, although I did do a couple of pretty sweet reviews of Tancredi, Imperial Bedrooms and Ex Machina. And the Disposable Diaries book looks like it should be a smasher, but then that’s just full of photographs and not any words.

So yeah, now we’ve established that books are kinda cool, here’s a video that is actually really cool that features books. Some guys who own a bookstore in Toronto (best city) spent ages organising their book shelves into alphabetical order and then spent even longer re-arranging the books in stop motion to make this awesome video where it kinda looks like the books come alive and take over the book stop. It’s a pretty cute video. Even if you don’t like books you’ll probably enjoy this video. Incidentally if anyone wants to review books for us email

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