Meet the incredible disappearing man

Look closely and and a China man will appear before your very eyes.

This is one artist who has far too much time on his hands, painstakingly standing in front of backdrops for hours whilst his assistants paint camouflage on him (do they not get any credit for being the artists?)

Mr Liu Bolin decided to become the incredible real-life invisible man in protest against the government, who cruelly shut down his art studio.

In his own words:

My resistance to the force of governments made me experience the life of people with no social status, no job, no family, no income and this was the emotional reason I began my series of works. In my work the artist is hiding to restore his strength and to protect himself.I wany my viewers to experience China as I know it, where the concept of artists as human beings was once neglected.’

Hmmm… bit of a strange and time-wasting protest if you ask me, if you want something done just follow by Egypt’s example and rally together a couple of thousand of your country women and men. Simple. Job done.

View more of his work here.


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