The Government Is Discussing Tougher Lockdown Restrictions; Allowed Out Of House Once A Week And No Support Bubbles

It just gets better and better.

The attempted coup over in America last week slightly distracted us from the dire Coronavirus situation in this country, but it’s the start of a new week now and this is the first topic that’s being discussed.

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It’s been revealed that the government is considering even tougher lockdown restrictions after cases continued to rise last week with a further 54,940 new ones confirmed yesterday. Boris Johnson met with senior members of the cabinet last night to discuss whether or not new measures needed to be implemented, with several of the following potential new restrictions put to the table:

  • Scrapping support bubbles
  • Making masks mandatory whenever leaving the house
  • Only allowing people to leave the house once a week
  • Toughening up on capacity, social distancing and mask wearing in supermarkets
  • Scrapping the exemption that allows people from different households to meet up and exercise outside
  • Closing nurseries and places of worship
  • Extending the lockdown until May

Geez – that sounds like it’s going to be a whole load of fun doesn’t it? It’s probably worth noting that none of these restrictions are set to come into place yet, but they’re normally leaked to the press just before they’re officially announced so you can almost bet that at least some of them will be coming into action before the end of the week. Fantastic.

The government are apparently particularly worried about the meeting up with another household to exercise rule. One senior source said this about it:

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The exemption is currently being misused as an excuse for people to go for a coffee in the park with their friends. It may be we tighten up on things like that.

I mean yeah, it definitely is being used for that but what do you expect when the government advice is communicated so uselessly and people are so fed up with being in lockdown when other countries like New Zealand are back to normal now? I think the reason that nobody is following the rules at the moment is because the government advice/rules seem to be changing every single week and a lot of the time they’re not even following them themselves, with the Dominic Cummings incident being the most famous example of this. Think about it.

As annoying as it is, we probably do need to start adhering to them if we ever want to get out of this though as deliberately flouting them isn’t really going to do anyone any good. Happy 2021 – it’s gonna be a smasher.

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