The Golden Age Of Advertising II

Remember those old magazine adverts we showed you a couple of weeks ago? Now we’ve got some video adverts from the 60’s to show you. They’re crazy.

A couple of weeks ago we ran a popular feature showing some hilarious adverts from the Golden Age of Advertising. Turns out it was so popular we’re gonna run a sequel, right here, only this time we’re gonna show you a couple of video adverts from back then rather than magazine adverts. I wonder what Don Draper would make of all of these.

First up we’ve got a video of the Flinstones advertising Winston cigarettes. Barney and Fred Flinstone sneak around the back of their house for a nap, only Barney suggests they smoke Winston cigarettes instead. What follows is a pretty shameless explanation of why Winston cigarettes are the best. Betty and Wilma bust them eventually, but then just smoke a couple of Winstons themselves too. It’s hard to believe that adverts like this were ever allowed on television:

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