The Game Is Releasing His Own Brand Of Weed-Infused Lemonade

The Game

Weedade isn’t quite as catchy as lemonade, unfortunately.

The Game is set to add his name to the lengthening list of celebrities who are selling weed over in the US.

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Although, given that he’s a Cali native you can probably assume his shit is going to be P-O-T-ent. The rapper/entrepreneur announced his new products which include a weed infused lemonade available in three flavours: pink, strawberry and traditional (is pink a flavour?) along with pre-rolled cones of marijuana for those of you who are either unable to roll or just too lazy.

The Game’s company Gfarmalabs shared an image of the soon-to-come lemonade on their Instagram account, and to be fair it looks pretty damn highdrating:

Looks like it might be time to move to the US.

Then again, this study shows that the more weed you consume the more of a loser you become – so maybe I’m better off here.


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