‘The Fly’ Is An Absolutely Sick British Gangster Short

The Fly Movie

It’s the story of a getaway driver losing his mind as he waits outside a heist.

It’s not often we feature short movies on Sick Chirpse, but when something as sick as ‘The Fly’ comes along then we would be stupid not to.

It’s a British gangster flick from writer director Olly Williamson and is basically the story of a heist getaway driver who is sent over the edge as he waits outside a bank. To say any more would be telling so you might as well just dive right in and watch the video below (spoilers below the video where I talk about it):

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OK, so it obviously owed a lot to that episode of Breaking Bad where a fly got stuck in the lab too but I thought Williams really took the ball and ran with it. There’s an unbelievable amount of tension throughout the short and even though the end is slightly unrealistic you still can’t help but be fascinated by this dude’s descent into madness. Quality.

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