The First Trailer To The Rock’s Baywatch Movie Dropped And It Looks Completely Stupid


A laugh a minute.

A few eyebrows were raised (lol), when it was announced last year that The Rock was starring in a remake/movie version of iconic David Hasselhoff 90s TV show Baywatch. That’s basically because it sounded like a completely stupid idea, and now that the first trailer has dropped we can confirm that it was a completely stupid idea.

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However, it seems like both The Rock and his co-start Zac Efron are fully aware of just how completely stupid and ridiculous the movie is going to be and are hamming it up to the maximum. This movie doesn’t look like it’s going to be good, but it’s going to be totally dumb and I’m all for it:

See? That’s going to be a laugh a minute as The Rock and Zac Efron get into increasingly bizarre, stupid and silly situations whilst protecting their little beach. Can’t wait to find out the reason they’re riding along on that little pink scooter together.

It’s got movie of summer 2017 written all over it basically. Hope they keep the original theme music, but I think everyone knows they would be idiots to get rid of it.

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